Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yet Another CPSIA Post

Save Handmade! If you haven't heard, a new law goes into effect in February that could cause our store to have to close, as well as thousands and thousands of others. Here is a great video explaining it....

CPSC Will Kill Handmade

Sign the petition to ammend the law here.

Also, here is a treasury in which we are currently featured. It is a collection of items that may no longer be available after February 10th. Apparently overnight they will become dangerous lead- filled contraband!

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Cynthia said...

CPSC Spokeswoman Chastises ‘Mommy-Bloggers’ On TV

Did you see the video from Baltimore Channel 11 where, for the first time someone from CPSC is interviewed on air? Yep. She disparages ‘mommy-bloggers’ for spreading ‘misinformation’ on the internet! Do you believe this? (Of course, the poor sacrifical lamb has already resigned, her last day is tomorrow) Gee, why do you think they picked her to go on camera?

There is a closed door Congressional Staffer meeting tomorrow about CPSIA. Today and tomorrow would be a REALLY good day to CALL, email and FAX everyone in congress you can think of as well as the CPSC.

We would also appreciate you continuing to spread the word to go to http://www.savekidsresale and Click! to vote (the petition has over 70,000 signatures) as we intend to print out all 500 pages and distribute it to Congressional members tomorrow. As you know, the CPSC has done it’s best to quell the uproar our little corner of this devil in diapers that is CPSIA by their infamous ‘Press Release’.

Thanks so much! Here’s the video