Thursday, February 5, 2009

What? A 1/2 Birthday?

Have you heard of a ½ birthday!? Neither had I, until my daughter was almost 6 months old. I read on a mom’s forum that a lot of them were having a little celebration for their child’s 6 month “birthday.” I thought it was kind of silly at first, but then I thought, what a cute photo op! We just bought a little cake at the grocery store and had them write happy birthday on one side and then cut the cake in half. We didn’t have people over or have a party. We just let her pose with the cake and sang happy ½ birthday. It was mostly for some cute photos to send out to mark the milestone.

So, that’s what this hat is for, so you can celebrate your baby’s 6 month “birthday!” It is the newest addition to our shop. It is so cute for photos. It is a smaller version of our regular birthday hat. Height is approximately 7 inches. We can make it to match any color or theme you would like.

See our birthday hat gallery for more designs.

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