Friday, September 18, 2009


We will be going on a trip soon and were looking for an alternative to taking the carseat on the plane now that our daughter is older. It is such a hassle deciding whether to check the stroller as luggage or gate check it, then you have to deal with the bulky carseat. do you carry it, roll it, strap it to your back? This time we won't need the carseat when we get to our destination. When she was young, we would take her a seat on the plane and put her in her in it in her own seat. We would usually check the stroller as luggage in a stroller bag. Last time we went, she was in her larger Britax carseat which is so big and difficult to maneauver around the airport, security, and on the plane, but we wanted her to be safe. It also gave her the ability to reach the seat in front of her and kick it the entire flight! I recently found CARES. It is a harness type child aviation safety restraint. It attaches to the actual seat then has a harness for your child, it is approved by the FAA and is considered as safe as a carseat on a plane. We bought one and will be trying it on our flight in October. It sounds and looks like a good alternative, so we will see. It is for kids at least 1 year old weighing 22-44 lb. Visit the CARES website for more info.

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