Friday, March 6, 2009

Solar Cooker Project

I recently read about this great project. It is called the Solar Cooker Project and it is dedicated to protecting and empowering the women of Darfur. Women in Darfur are often attacked, raped and even killed when going out on their own to collect firewood for cooking. Collecting firewood is something they must do to cook for their family, but it is often very dangerous. This project provides solar cookers to these women and families so they do not have to go out for firewood. It also allows the women the opportunity to make an income by learning how to make the cookers, train others to use them, and make carrying bags for them. What an amazing project! A $30 donation will provide two solar cookers for a family, two pots, two pot holders, a year supply of plastic bags and skills training for refugee women and girls. Learn more on their website.

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