Monday, November 2, 2009

Dum Dum!

No, not you. The candy! My daughter loves Dum Dums. She received many in her trick or treat basket over the weekend. Whenever we open one for her to eat, she always asks "What flavor?" I am always stumped when we get the one that says Mystery Flavor, so I usually just make something up. Mystery Flavor has always freaked me out a little bit. What is it? Some gross left over flavor? Will it taste like chicken fried steak or broccoli? Mystery just sounds like it equals gross. Well today I saw an article on AOL explaining the Mystery Flavor. Apparently the Dum Dum machines run continuously, so when they are changing from one flavor to another there is always a batch that is a mixture of two flavors. That's not so bad! So if you get a Mystery Flavor Dum Dum, it just means it is a mixture of two of their flavors. It won't taste like chicken fried steak, though a couple of my husband's friends would probably like that.


Zingo Tots said...

Very cool.

Chelle said...

I had no idea! I never would have thought to look it up, either--go you!

Anonymous said...

My daughter LOVES dum dums too! And she usually loves the mystery flavor ones. Every once in a while, she will say --- yuck, but that is rare! Cute blog you have.