Friday, April 3, 2009

Bye Bye Right Start?? Hello Sale!

I have been hearing and reading that Right Start is closing. I'm not sure if it is true but they did file for bankruptcy. Please leave a comment if you have more information. Right Start is a great store. I don't go there a lot because it is pricey, but when there is a special or hard to find baby item I need, I can always find it there. The point here is, they are having a huge sale! I haven't been to the store but I have talked to people who have, and they said there are some great prices. Everything on their website is on sale too!

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Shae said...

Yep- they are going out of business. I went to the one in rice village and the ladies there told me. Everything in their store is 30 percent off! But go fast b/c it is really picked over!