Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Giveaway Tuesday!

Here are this week's great giveaways to enter! Win...

1. A red and lime green ruffle ornament from Vintage Poppy on Houston's Weekly Chic.

2. A prize package of 6 items from Etsy sellers on The Forgotten Brush.

3. Five ACEO prints and pendant from Phoenix Wildfire on Nature Manipulated.

4. A red, black and gold scarf from Poppy Place.

5. A red flowers cellphone charm from Satin Doll & Co.

6. A snowman pin from Brown's Country Originals on CJ's Fine Designs.

7. A terrarium house and tiny green house from My House Party and and 8 x 12 photo from Abby Try Again.

8. A monthly giveaway by commenting Nikki Makes Scents.

9. A notecard set from Posh Girl Boutique.

10. A pack of holiday cards from July Twenty Fourth.

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