Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giveaway Tuesday!

Enter this week's great giveaways! Win...

1. A pair of Green Chalcedony Dangle Earrings from Jess Kay Designs on Nature Manipulated.

2. A red, black and gold scarf from Poppy Place.

3. Pony-tail holders from Wendi Winn on Insanity & Bliss.

4. The Hills and Dales Necklace from Polyclarific.

5. A WWII Era Reproduction Poster from Urban Bazaar on Jewelry Rockstar.

6. An Infinity Ring from Sea Babe Jewelry on Behind Mytutorlist.com.


w said...

thanks so much for including my giveaway!

Amanda said...

Thanks for promoting my giveaway! I appreciate it.