Sunday, August 24, 2008

I do...Shoe.

I'd like to share my latest love with you, this very cute shoe! I love them! Aren't they wonderful? As Carrie of Sex and the City would say, Hello Lovah! My husband thought I was weird when I told him we might have to get a divorce so I could marry this shoe. They are from Nine West and I can't remember how much they cost, $80 - $100, and worth every penny. They may not be Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks but I love them just the same. Now I don't really have anywhere to wear them yet. I spend most of my days in a t-shirt and shorts with a one-year old. I think the other mothers at Gymboree might look at me weird if I wore these there, especially since you have to leave your shoes at the front and I'd refuse to take these off. I'm not leaving these babies in a cubbyhole in between some neon pink crocs and a pair of slip on tennis shoes! Anyway, I'll eventually have somewhere to wear them, and when I do, watch out! I'll be the hottest girl in the place...from the ankles down anyway!

1 comment:

tagisa said...

Those really are killer shoes!

I honestly can't tell you how many shoes I own that have never been worn...because I HAD to have them! :)