Monday, December 29, 2008

My Toes Do Yoga

I received a pair of YogaToes for Christmas. These are not my toes by the way. I would not put a picture of my foot on this blog. That just freaks me out. Anyway, I have always seen ads for YogaToes in the backs of magazines and thought they just looked weird, and kind of dumb actually. Well I love my YogaToes! After you wear them for a while and take them off, your feet feel relaxed, like how you feel after you have stretched. From what I've read, it seems you either love them or hate them. Many people think they hurt. For example, let's say hypothetically my husband tried them (because if he really did and I wrote about it here he would kill me), so hypothetically let's say he tried them and hypothetically he hated them and begged to take them off after three minutes. They aren't for everyone, but I love them! They aren't cheap either. When I saw the ads I thought they were probably around $10 - $12. They are $50!!! You can get 3 pair for $99. I would never have bought them for myself, but if your feet need relaxing, you should get a pair of YogaToes.

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