Friday, December 26, 2008

Scary Scary Toy!

Look at this cute wooden cash register. Well, if you want it for your child because it looks so safe and natural compared to all of those plastic toys from China, you better buy it now! It will be illegal as of February 10th when the CPSIA goes into effect! Yes, I will continue to write about this because so few people know about it. All items for children under 12 will have to undergo lead and other testing as of February 10th, and this includes things like fabric and wood which do not normally contain lead in the first place. This also includes hair clips someone makes and sells, burp cloth sets, clothing...anything for children! Look at this list of cute toys on that may no longer be available because companies cannot afford the thousands of dollars to test every single component of each of their products. You can help! Go sign this petition!

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