Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Giveaway Tuesday!

Here are this week's great giveaways! Win...

1. A kalupi/wallet "Rain of Orange"and 1 Japanese Chiyogami Glass Tile Pendant from Maya's Kalupi on Audrey's Giveaway Blog.

2. A Coffee Cup Rosette necklace and a dish towel from coffee and cream.

3. A brag book from Simply Chimica.

4. An 8 x 8 photo called "Sin of Greed" from Les Minis de Dongedy.

5. A lace scarf and headband from Lenox Knits.

6. "Etsy cash" and magnets from a variety of shops on Etsy Technology Help.

7. A prize of your choice from Blueberry Cream.

8. A green chunky bucket hat from After the Bump.

9. A $25 gift card from Quilting Diva on Salad for Breakfast.

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