Thursday, June 18, 2009

Z Pizza

I often drive by a place called Z Pizza. I wondered if it was any good or just some other little pizza place that would soon close down. Well, I just read that Z Pizza is an up and coming pizza franchise that makes their pizza from healthy and organic ingredients. It was founded in Laguna Beach in 1986. They use certified organic wheat flour for the crust and certified organic tomato sauce. The pepperoni is reduced fat and MSG free. Does pepperoni usually have MSG in it? Hmm. Anyway, they use many other fresh and healthy ingredients and they offer soy cheese and gluten-free crust upon request. They have several types of pizza such as Thai, Mexican, Greek, and many more. You can also just get the usual pepperoni, mushroom, or cheese. They carry sandwiches and other menu items as well. I have not tried it yet but I plan to very soon. So, if you notice one in your area, check it out!

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