Friday, June 26, 2009

Product Recommendation: Wet Bag

I have known about wet bags for a while, at least since having my daughter. They are cute fabric bags lined with a waterproof material. You use them to put a wet bathing suit in or dirty cloth diapers. I didn't think they were necessary. I mean why not just use a Ziploc bag? Well I was wrong! I bought one and love love love it. We go to swimming lessons every week and when we're done, we never have anywhere to put the wet towel and bathing suit. If I put it back in our bag, it gets everything wet. My daughter also has water day every Friday at preschool. If they don't have any plastic bags, they just stick her wet stuff in her backpack. Yuck! Now, I just throw everything in this bag, zip it up, and throw it in our tote or in her backpack. It's great! I highly recommend them. You can find them many places. I bought mine on Etsy from Monkey Foot Designs and it is wonderful. The quality is excellent. They carry many sizes and designs and they are very affordable.


Jill said...

Great idea...very cute design!

Houston's Weekly Chic said...

OOh! I totally need one of these. My husband and I swim a couple times a week, and our wet suits always pose a problem.