Monday, October 13, 2008

Emergency Cupcakes

I didn’t know they made these and I just found them at Kroger’s. Now of course I am a cupcake connoisseur so I would much rather have a homemade cupcake or one from a great little cupcake bakery, but sometimes you just need a cupcake now! I am keeping these in the refrigerator for that type of emergency. Maybe you have had a particularly hard day and the kids are finally in bed and you just need a cupcake, or it’s late at night and you come across Hope Floats on TV and you are depressed because Harry Connick Jr has not come to sweep you off your feet and away to his pick up truck yet. Sometimes you just need a cupcake! Maybe your kids forgot to tell you they need to take cupcakes to school tomorrow and it is 10 pm. It seems like these emergency cupcakes can come in handy. We will see what makes me break them out. My bet is on a near nervous breakdown caused by a 16 month old. Cupcakes make everything better!

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