Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's My Perogative!

This is a conversation I had with my husband after someone (not my husband) questioned me on an issue regarding my daughter. (In order to protect the guilty, I cannot go into further details about that.)

Me: (livid and screaming) "She's my daughter and if I want to paint her pink and dye her hair red then I can!"

My husband: (in his most serious voice) "Um...I'd be opposed to that."

So I had to laugh.

*Disclaimer: I was just trying to make a point. I assure you I do not plan to paint my daughter pink nor dye her hair red so there is no need to call CPS, however, if I did for some reason decide to do so, I promise to only use all natural soy-based paint and dye purchased from an Etsy seller. I'd also come up with a much cuter color combination.

You have a Bobby Brown song stuck in your head now don't you? And apparently it's really spelled prerogative. I learned something new.


Jen said...

That is so funny! My husband and I have random disagreements about crazy things, too. I admitted to my daughters about having my first kiss at 14 and he thought I should have never given them that much information. I'm the mom, it's my prerogative! Thanks!!!
-10oneworld on etsy

Zingo Tots said...

OMG...that is pretty funny!

The World's Dresser said...

Bhawhahahaha! That song will be stuck in my head all day lol