Saturday, October 18, 2008

Great New TV Show: The Ex List

Yes, I talk a lot about great new TV shows. I like my TV! The Ex List was on last night. It is a new show this season and the only reason I decided to write about it is because when it was over my husband said, "that’s a good show." I love it but I couldn’t believe he liked it. He never likes this type of show and we never like the same shows. It is about a girl who is told by a psychic that she must get married within a year or she will never get married, and the person she will marry is one of her exes. She spends the episodes getting back in touch with all of her exes and trying to find "the one." It is really cute and funny. The star of the show was on Grey’s Anatomy (if you watch that show) as the pregnant Jane Doe girl who got hurt and disfigured in an explosion then ended up dating Dr. Karev, going crazy, faking a pregnancy and slitting her wrists. Don’t worry, she’s super cute and funny in this show! The supporting cast is also extremely funny and witty, especially the girl who plays her sister. You should check it out on Friday nights.

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