Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Product Recommendation: gogo Kidz Travelmate

This is a great product that I discovered the first time we traveled after my daughter (not her in the pic) moved up to a the larger Britax car seat. We were going to be renting a car at our destination and I remembered seeing parents at the airport rolling their carseats around like strollers. I did a little research and found this. It attaches to your carseat so you don’t have to take a stroller and carseat to the plane. You can roll your little one right up to the plane and carry the carseat down the aisle. We did need a stroller at our destination but we checked it with baggage so we’d have less to take on the plane. I love this product. We had tons of parents asking us what it was and where to get one. It made the trip much easier. You can get more information on their website. I believe you can get them at Babies R Us and Right Start as well.

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